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Getting married is one of the most important if not, the most important day of your life. It's a moment you will never forget. On this day, you will make a commitment to love another person for the rest of your LIFE. A day like this is something you wanna remember forever, how you felt reading your vows, all the friends and family you invited, your emotions before and after the ceremony, Your partner's emotions, the list can go on and on. 

After all, you only get married once. 

It’s the day that you fantasize about in your head since you were a child, so of course, you’d want to remember it forever.


Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Zade, and I’m the co-owner of A&R Productions, and we’re passionate about telling everyone unique love story through the power of visuals. We take pride in telling your unique love stories,  and It excites us to think that you will get to watch this video 5, 10, or 25 years down the road, and feel the love, joy, nervousness, excitement of your wedding day all over again.  


We take the strongest elements from the day, the speeches, action, visually stunning imagery, and comments, and transform them into something you can cherish forever. If you’re a future-oriented person, you will have already realized that your wedding film isn’t just for you. Your parents want to see it, your guests want to watch it online, and your children and their children will shed a tear every time they watch it.


Stop now and imagine how you would feel if you discovered your grandmother’s wedding video in the attic. It would be the greatest treasure of them all. Your wedding video will remain as part of your legacy. 




 With state of the art camera equipment, there will be no moment uncaptured in a stunning format. We have all the levels you can possibly want to be covered. We have you covered from the air to the ground. Our high-RESOLUTION cameras, the sony a7rii, mixed with the STABILIZATION we equip our cameras with, there will be nothing captured short of spectacular on the ground. We also utilize high resolution audio recording equipment to make sure we capture your vows as crispy as possible. To really spice things up, we like to fly our 4k drone, the Mavic air 2, and capture stunning aerial shots. Our goal is to make your wedding day look like a movie.



Wedding Embrace

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